Maná in Cuzco
Food Culture, Peruvian Cuisine, Traditional Food

Manna in the Streets

Wide, white kernels of soft corn adorn many street corners in Cuzco where they join many other snacks that keep the city going. Called maná, which in English means manna like what fell from heaven in Sinai, they are popped but are worlds away from the popcorn which is also often sold on Cuzco’s streets. Nevertheless, they have a deep history in this city.0 1391
Chicken Soup on Christmas Eve
Customs, Traditional Food

Chicken, Christmas Eve, and the Change of Time

Three, two, one, the people of Cuzco count down on Christmas Eve, as if waiting for a space ship to blast off from Cape Cañaveral. They do this deep into the night, that magical time when the moon and stars rule the skies, a time when--though many people do not realize it-- the machulas, the ancestors, can come out from the earth and till the fields.0 1449
Christ Child in the Municipality

Christmas in Cuzco

Christmas comes to Cuzco in a combination of tradition and new as it builds its own present from these different … 0 900
Santurantikuy, Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Santurantikuy Market in Cuzco

Christmas Eve the Plaza de Armas, the main square, blossoms with a Christmas market. Under gray skies and sometimes rain, people filled with joy still fill the square to go from stand to stand where Cuzco’s many craftsmen display and sell their wares year after year. Called Santurantikuy, Quechua for “to sell a saint” the market is a Cuzco tradition.0 1441
Gifts and Hot Chocolate
Customs, Food Culture

Hot Chocolate and Togetherness in Cuzco

Christmas in Cuzco is a time of much demand for products and services, commercialism is strong, but it is also a time of brotherhood. To build this solidarity many groups in the City organize feasts, dinners and especially what are called chocolatadas in honor of the birth of the Christ Child.1 1158

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