The Ghosts of Cusco’s Historical Center

For many years, stories have circulated about the existence of ghosts in the historic center of the city of Cusco, stories that despite the passing of the years continue to be told while new ones emerge.

Many people do not believe in the existence of ghosts and one of those is me. I did not believe and always commented that they are inventions of people until I myself experienced a very unexplainable situation as normal.

Much has been told about ghosts in the hotels of the historical center. A friend of mine told me that in one of the hostels of the street solicitors, there is a room that is always empty. They do not give it to any tourist, because he says that nights they hear strange sounds that come out of this room, a woman’s cry and sounds of things as if they were being moved from one place to another.

Another friend says that her husband worked in the Palace of Justice and that there at night, when there is no one, you hear the voice of a little girl who says “mama”. The intensity of the voice is increasing. It seems that the girl goes up the stairs calling her mother and when she reaches the top floor, it is as if she jumped to the basement giving a terrifying scream.

Plaza de Armas y cementerios del Cusco, cerraran del 31 de Octubre al 2 de Noviembre

Another version is in the restaurant Sangucheria Papachos. According to the version of one of the workers, a day in which several workers stayed to do the month’s accounts, to their amazement the lights were turned on and off by themselves. I listened on the second floor to things moving. Some people were frightened and others took it all as normal.

They commented that many of those cases were heard in the parade ground, the place where the holy inquisition was established and where the worst punishments were carried out. They think maybe this is the reason for the existence of ghosts.

What happened to me was at the Bembos where they sell fast food, one day when several companions and I stayed at night to receive the load of precooked french fried, at 12:20 a.m., we were all on the first floor, Suddenly, there were footsteps on the second floor. One of my comrades went to see what was happening. He said that there was nobody. We all got scared; we sat on the sofas in the corner when, suddenly, the radio went on and lights went out. Someone moved the tables on the second floor. The water taps opened. These events lasted about 7 minutes which were very scary.

Many people tell anecdotes about inexplicable things, but they really happen.

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