History of Calle 7 Angelitos in San Blas Neighborhood

San Blas is one of the most visited traditional neighborhoods in the city of Cusco since it has a lot of history wherever you walk. The neighborhood of the artisans (San Blas) has different streets with very peculiar names that tell stories and anecdotes that more than one is interested in knowing.

Three minutes from the San Blas square, following Carmen high street on the right side is a narrow street called 7 angels, this street is very popular with the natives who live in the upper part and the visitors who stay in many of lodgings and hotels in the same area.

7 Angelitos Street

This street is made up of colonial houses that have been slightly modified over time. Something that draws more attention is the roof of one of the houses, which when looking up we notice a series of drawings on the old tiles, which refer to angels and iconography related to the church.

This would be the reason why the street has the name of 7 little angels, in fact on the ceiling you can see 7 strangely, talking with local people and investigating a little more I was surprised that there is a story that gives it real name to said street.

The house where this beautiful iconography is located, belonged to Blas de Bobadilla who apart from being the owner of the property was a fervent religious who ordered to paint the roof of his house against a tradition of the neighboring street 7 devils.

Images on the 7 Angelitos roof

According to what they say, in colonial times, couples in love escaped to this street to take advantage of the narrowness and little traffic to give free rein to their carnal desires. That is why this little visible street was named after 7 little devils, referring to the 7 deadly sins.

Very concerned and as a contradictory response to these acts, they sent 7 little angels to paint in Blas de Bobadilla’s house so that everyone who went to 7 diablitos street would reflect.

In addition, over the years the mayor of Cusco Daniel Estrada Perez when he made the intervention in the neighborhood of San Blas, ordered the addition of a stone carving of a little angel holding in his hand the number 7 between calle 7 diablitos and 7 little angels. Visitors come in search of 7 angelitos street to find its history and personally contrast all the symbols found in it.

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