Climate Changes Affect The Farmers of The Cusco Region

The city of Cusco where the climate is relatively cool but very changeable. Temperatures range from 13 ° to 15 ° C. It has 2 seasons and not 4, the rainy season (which runs from November to March) and the dry season (from April to October), seasons that in recent years have been changing due to climate change.

Now that we are in the months of the rainy season, we do not have rain, but instead the heat has increased and day by day it becomes more unbearable. This is why the inhabitants of the Cusco region have been living a drama, especially those who live from agriculture because with the absence of rain, crops are drying and withering.

The problem of climate change has accelerated, farmers say that over the years, sunny days have increased and the temperature has also increased. Their crops are reduced and many of them decide to change from agriculture to livestock. Unfortunately this activity is not profitable due to the lack of green pastures because of the lack of water, so the inhabitants no longer know what to do.

Rainy Season in Cuzco (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Rainy Season in Cuzco (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

The droughts are more intense and two days ago, in the afternoon when the sky was cloudy and it seemed that it was finally going to rain, there were strong hurricane winds that made the rain fall. The worst of all is that although with the drought the rain was not enough and these hurricane winds affected large areas of corn cultivation in several sectors of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, within them in Huayllabamba, from where the largest soft grain of the valley is exported. Several hectares of corn crop were lost. The wind tumbled and broke the corn.

Villagers are asking for help from the authorities because agriculture is the only activity they are engaged in though this is a problem that is affecting everyone because if food production is scarce, the produce will raise its price.

We hope that the competent authorities will take action in the matter and support our campesino brothers and sisters.

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