Lares, medicinal waters
tourism, Travel

A Trip to Lares Delights

The Lares Valley has medicinal baths whose waters spring up from the root of the Pachamama and give health, fun, … 0 63
Crianza de Pollos
Food Culture

Chicken Has Become the Favorite of Peru

Chicken, not the kind with feathers that run around your yard clucking and eating stray seeds and insects, but the … 0 70

Condors Fly Freely in Utah and in the Andes of Peru

This weekend took me to southern Utah, with its ancient rock formations with names such as “the Great White Throne” … 0 111
Danzas en Paucartambo (Walter Coraza Morveli)

The Wonderful Central Day of Celebrations for the Mamacha Carmen in Paucartambo.

I remember Paucartambo, its two-storied adobe houses painted white, some with blue balconies. I remember its narrow streets where the … 0 95
Virgen del Carmen (Walter Coraza Morveli)

Paucartambo Celebrates the Mamacha Carmen

The Mamacha Carmen, the Virgen of Mount Carmel, strides calmly into view today as all over her feast is celebrated.  … 0 88

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Eating together as a group (Walter Coraza Morveli)

How We Think of Food in the Andes

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Tupac Amaru in the square

The Favorite Plaza of Cusco’s Rank and File

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Mario Vargas Llosa

On Mario Vargas Llosa and Cusco

0 Mario Vargas Llosa, Nobel Prize, Cusco, Route of the Baroque,
Mario Vargas Llosa

In Praise of Mario Vargas Llosa

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McCune Copper Pit at Cerro de Paso
drinks, history, Intersections

Mines, Railroads, and Mormons in the Story of Pisco Sour

The Train on its way to Cerro de Pasco 1904 One hundred years ago this last Friday, April 1st, Victor … 0 388
Magical Rainbows Above Cusco's Main Plaza (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Cuzco Neighborhoods, history, Travel

Happiness Takes over the City these Days.

We are enjoying beautiful weather. Some days when the rain falls in the city and it´s mountains, we breath fresh … 1 564
Boiled Sweet Potato
history, Ingredients

Globe Trotting Sweet Potatoes

Boiled Sweet Potato Everyone in the United States will eat something Peruvian this Thursday, though they may not know it. … 4 349
Inka Atahuallpa Converted into Stone
folklore and legends, history, Travel

The Emperor Atahualpa’s Head

Inka Atahuallpa Converted into Stone When the great Wiracocha took the child to the enchanted city of Huancabamba they found … 2 282
Quinoa Seeds
Customs, history

The Myth of Quinoa’s Origins, the Grain of Gold.

An old legend tells that the ancient people were able to converse with the stars. One upon a time a … 1 278