5 days ago

    Chuño is a culinary delight and a millenary secret of the Andes

    In this frosty season that is lived in the months of (June to July), it is comforting to enjoy a…
    6 days ago

    Quinoa is a super nutritious food of the Andes

    Quinoa is a super nutritious food for all ages, in the Cusco region quinoa is presented in different traditional dishes,…
    1 week ago

    Usnu, or Ushno, which means ‘Altar’ in Quechua keeps a Rich Meaning

    Ushnu, or Ushno, which means ‘Altar’ in Quechua, are platforms of different architectural styles depending on their location.  There are…
    1 week ago

    Today Peru is Celebrating the National Ceviche Day

    Today, the whole of Peru is celebrating, every June 28, the day of our most representative dish in the world…
    1 week ago

    Cusco Was an Ancient Lake called Morkill

    The valley of the city of Cusco was once an immense lake that covered a great distance and had a…
    2 weeks ago

    Inti Raymi and the Solstice

    During the time of the Inca, the approach of the winter solstice was a time to gather the llamas to…
    3 weeks ago

    The Secret of the Huatia

    The huatia is one of the most popular typical dishes within the city of Cusco, and people wait until June…
    31 May, 2022

    Cusco Festivities Schedule 2022

    The COVID 19 pandemic paralyzed 100% of cultural events throughout the country and left the living culture that takes place…

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    Heart Of Cusco

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      16 February, 2022

      Cusco is one of the Best Destinations in the World 2022

      Recently, the digital platform TripAdvisor announced the Travelers Choice Awards 2022 where the city of Cusco is listed as one…
      19 January, 2022

      Paru Paru Community, Living Culture in the highlands

      The Paru Paru community is located almost reaching the highest peaks of the Apus (mountain spirits) of Pisaq, it is…
      19 January, 2022

      The Feast of The Pattern of San Sebastian Cusco

      The city of Cusco is a magical place that has a great cultural diversity that is actively developed throughout the…
      11 November, 2021

      Florida Water Refreshes, Cleanses, and Renews

      The florida water is a cologne with a relaxing aroma for the body, mind and spirit, many people around the…
      18 October, 2021

      Peru Obtains Six Nominations in the World Travel Awards Global 2021

      Peru has won for eight consecutive years the award for the best culinary destination in the world and for several…
      31 August, 2021

      Machu Picchu will be the world’s first Carbon Neutral tourist destination

      Great news for the people of Cusco and the whole of Peru is the world certification of Neutral Carbon towards…
      18 August, 2021

      History of Calle 7 Angelitos in San Blas Neighborhood

      San Blas is one of the most visited traditional neighborhoods in the city of Cusco since it has a lot…
      13 August, 2021

      Expand Capacity for Entrance to Machu Picchu

      A few days ago the income to the Inca llacta ran out quickly and many national and international visitors were…
      9 August, 2021

      Machu Picchu in Videoclip by Lenny Tavárez

      Lenny Tavárez singer, songwriter, dancer and Puerto Rican record producer most remembered in the duo of Dyland & Lenny. He…
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