Would you like a glass of chicha in the morning?

Of course, I do. Ten o’clock in the morning it is the perfect time to enjoy a fresh glass of chicha.

A few days ago I went out as usual with a couple of friends from the neighborhood, along the way we decided to go to the San Blas neighborhood for a few glasses of chicha. We went and we found the soccer pitch of San Marcos and our friends the “Cumbianberos” “We saluted them and as usual they invited us a glass of distilled sugar cane liquor(cañazo) to taste. we accompanied them with a toast and then we continued our path to the chichas.

Amigos del barrio de san blas disfrutando de la rica chicha (Hebert Huamani Jara)
Amigos del barrio de san blas disfrutando de la rica chicha (Foto:Hebert Huamani Jara)

Do you wonder who are the Cumbianberos?. That name suggests to me people who are dedicated to playing cumbia music which has a great demand for listeners in Peru.

But no! The Cumbianberos are the oldest types of the neighborhoods of San Blas and San Marcos. Every morning they meet on the San Marcos pitch and have a few cumbias. Cumbia may sound like dance music but it is a drink that prepared with cañazo and soda. This drink is also known as bota (boot) or caña (sugar cane).

In each neighborhood of Cusco they have different slang and they give drinks and other things rare nicknames. The ones we have mentioned are the best known.

Continuing on for our delicious chichitas in the mornings, we went up to mother Trini’s place. Hers is the most natural and pleasant chicha in San Blas. Her place is completely rustic. You can see the huge raqis (eartherware jugs for brewing chicha) and her traditional hearth. Her place is located on a lower lever with a breathtaking view of the city.

Chicha Drink (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Chicha Drink (Walter Coraza Morveli)

I still carry the taste of that glass of fresh chicha. It was sweet, an Andean soft drink without any drop of alcohol.

If you want to have a unique experience and spend some time with us, We and others make different tours around the city you are invited to see the city through our eyes and our daily round.

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