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National Day of Pisco Sour “Learn How to Make It”

Every first Saturday of February the national day of pisco sour is celebrated, the oficial cocktail of Peru. Pisco sour is also the emblematic drink of Peru, besides being a livetype drink it is the favorite of the whole country.

Pisco sour is a cocktail prepared with pisco and lime juice. iOS consumption is a success and is the preference of tourists.

In the city of Cusco, the capital of the Incas, Pisco sour is one of the most acclaimed cocktails by locals and foreigners, for this reason we decided to visit a place that is highly recommended.

Pisco Sour por Kevin, Museo del Pisco (foto: Walter Coraza Morveli)

For this opportunity we visited the Pisco Museum to learn a little more about this drink. They opened the doors with warmth to teach us about pisco sour, its history, tradition and culture, as well as for us to learn how to prepare this delicious sour. We hada a great time.

In the Museum, we meet Kevin, a brilliant young man who works as a bartender and taster of pisco. With great enthusiasm and charisma, he told us about this exquisite cocktail.

In the interview Kevin also narrated about how he started as a bartender, his experiences. And, he taught us how to prepare pisco sour!

“We are dedicated as bartenders. We are educators of Pisco. We try to spread our national liquor in cocktails and represent pisco sour from Peru to the world”

Today in all the bars of Peru will be celebrating the national day of the Peruvian flag cocktail.

Go down and watch the interesting interview and learn a little more about the emblematic Pisco Sour.

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