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Would you like a croissant for your breakfast?

Yes, I love having one for breakfast. Every day that I go to my English classes at the Maximo Nivel I buy one. Between crispy and soft they are a combination for a dual world.

I like to combine it with a coffee or tea.

This bread originates from France and is very consumed in Peru. They say it came in the hands of some French bakers who came to instruct young people in need the art of the bakery. As a result we have delicious and good quality croissants in the imperial city.

In Cusco we love this bread. You can find it in any bakery that is near the monumental core.

In remote neighborhoods you only find pan Oropesa, Huaro bread, and other indigenous breads. They are also rich and special but they do not have the style of the croissant that is made of good wheat flour and a lot of butter to extract many layers that separate into sound at the moment of eating.
At the Máximo Nivel, every day I see all the people in general delighting in this bread. They sell it at one sol, a very comfortable price.

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