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Florida Water Refreshes, Cleanses, and Renews

The florida water is a cologne with a relaxing aroma for the body, mind and spirit, many people around the world use it for its pleasant aroma and the benefits it has.

In the city of Cusco, in the different huacas that are found on the Qhapaq Ñan road in the direction of Antisuyo you can perceive the aroma of the rituals performed in the ceremonial places, altars and energy walls of our ancestors, you can also feel this aroma on the peaks of the tutelary apus that protect the city of Cusco, apu Mamacha Simona, apu Picol, apu Pachatusan, among others, these places always preserve the smell of florida water and palo santo, because of the aroma it is very easy to notice if you has made an offering to the earth or a ceremony.

Agua Florida is manufactured and packaged in an industrial way with an American version, and is an essential instrument of healers in Peru.

What is Florida Water for?

This perfume is used to perform powerful spiritual cleansing, it is an energetic protector widely used in the world, it also has wonderful properties for the skin, it is used to eliminate annoying headaches and to harmonize the environment.

In the Andes of Peru it is used for different rituals of retribution and gratitude to the Pachamama as well as to clean bad luck and bad vibes.

Florida Water Benefits

Its aroma has many benefits, whether physical or mental, it is very relaxing, so it becomes a basic tool for the practice of meditation and different rituals. Its benefits go beyond physical health, it can also be used for healing, spiritual cleansing and protection against negative energies. For years it has been used to attract multiple benefits, this essence is very popular in the Andes of Peru, but it is also known and sold worldwide.

Medicinal properties of Florida Water

This colony has great medicinal properties that can help you in times of daily ailments, these are some health benefits.

  • Reduces itching of the scalp thanks to its relaxing properties.
  • Calms and relieves mosquito and insect bites.
  • Eliminate headaches caused by stress.
  • Relax your muscles from daily tension or after exercising.
  • Helps to reduce the temperature in feverish processes.
  • The flowery water is a powerful regenerator and astringent that will help you to close the pores of the skin and to shine.
  • A few drops of flowery water after showering gives your skin freshness and regeneration.
Florida Water (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Florida Water (Walter Coraza Morveli)

How to use Florida Water?

A couple of drops of flowery water generates an aroma that returns you to a natural harmony, to a relaxing state. Drop a couple of drops on your hands and pass it on your body, this is a unique comforting sensation for the whole being.

Florida Water Uses

Shamans and healers in Cusco use this perfume to cleanse the bad energies of the body, mind and spirit, it is always present in the different rituals and offerings that are made throughout the year, its aroma refreshes and relaxes the atmosphere of the place and the energies of people, it is ideal for relaxation, provides mental serenity and spiritual tranquility.

It is also used in baths for the body, it drives away bad luck, calms rebellious spirits, destroys hexes, witchcraft, removes evil spirits from the body, is ideal for blessing and canceling negative vibrations at home or in business.

  • In love, its aroma awakens emotional peace and tranquility, either personally or as a couple. For this it is necessary to perfume yourself with a few drops in the heart and on the wrists of the hands.
  • At work, if you started a business or are working on a project and you want the illusions and investment to have good results, you can use this powerful cologne to achieve it. To do this, you have to spray a few drops in each corner of the workplace, with them we channel negative energies and fill it with its own light.
  • In money, if you are going through a difficult financial situation, perfume your purse, wallet or purse with flowery water. In this way you will attract positive energies to relax and think better when generating money.
  • At home, its use can help clean harmful energies in the house, attracting positive energies and good luck to everyone who inhabits that space.
  • In the esoteric, its use is widespread among professionals in the sector. It is a powerful spiritual cleanser, it is a very powerful protector, it is used as a daily perfume to attract success and progress. For this you only need a few drops to purify the energies and the environment.
  • Magical Superstitions, travelers often spray their suitcases with Florida Water to have a good trip and protect their luggage.

Florida Water Ingredients

This perfume with a pleasant aroma is made from:

  • Amber, Arabic or succino is fossilized resin of plant origin.
  • Musk, a fatty, unctuous substance with an intense smell that some mammals secrete.
  • Benzoin is the resin obtained from the benzoin tree that has medicinal properties.

Rituals with Florida Water

Florida Water is used in different rituals in the Andes of Peru such as:

  • Wachuma, this is a spiritual cleansing and healing ceremony, in which flowery water is used.
  • Ayahuasca, this is a spiritual cleansing and healing ceremony, in which flowery water is used.
  • Offerings to the Pacha Mama, in this ancestral ritual flowery water plays a very important role, its aroma refreshes and relaxes the atmosphere of the place and the energies of the people.

In the ancestral temples and altars of Cusco, its aroma is felt as a symbol of some ritual practice.

Wachuma, Psychoactive Plant (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Wachuma, Psychoactive Plant (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

Spells with Florida Water

It is used to perform various spells, one of them and the most practiced is to eliminate unwanted presences with flowery water. For that you need, flowery water, rue in grass, 5 candles, white quartz.

How to use: We will make a circle with the grass large enough to put the five candles, we will anoint each candle with oil that accompanies it, in the middle we will place the white quartz and we will ask with all our faith that the unwanted presences and negative energy move away of us.

Then we will light the candles, then we will spread drops of Florida water throughout the house repeating the following:

“I am full of light and love, with these drops I drive away all evil.”

At the end of the ritual we will place the white quartz at the entrance of the house.

Flowery water is an essence with more than two hundred years of history, used by the vast majority of Peruvian shamans, who attribute special properties to it to carry out cleaning work and ward off evil spirits.

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