Machu Picchu in Videoclip by Lenny Tavárez

Lenny Tavárez singer, songwriter, dancer and Puerto Rican record producer most remembered in the duo of Dyland & Lenny. He was in the city of Cusco and released his new single with different takes of the city of Cusco and Machu Picchu.

“I Have Everything” is a song interpreted by Lenny Tavárez, it was released on May 27, 2021 and one of the surprises it brings us is that he was in the city of Cusco visiting different archaeological centers and taking the best shots.

The 3:26 minute video clip, in which you can see some views of the train on the way from Ollantaytambo to Machu Picchu, shots in the same Inca valley Machu Picchu in which “The Guardian’s House” is shown, in the ceremonial sector and a panoramic view towards the llacta itself. In addition, shots of Sacsayhuamán and the Cusco sky are shown.

The fans went crazy commenting on the description of the video clip and it is that unlike Camilo in his Machu Picchu song where no image of the wonder appears and which was quite criticized, they named Lenny Tavárez as a hero, idol, etc.

We Cuzco are proud and grateful for all the visits, this includes celebrities, singers, kings, etc. Those who take the best of our culture and who can best show it in their works, songs, on their social networks, and more, to make the whole world know more about our culture.

Brayan Coraza Morveli

Soy completamente cusqueño. Mi profesión es analista de sistemas. Me encanta escuchar y tocar la música andina tanto como bailar break. Me gusta también compartir mi experiencias como cusqueño con gente de otros lados. Una de mis metas es llegar a conocer mi cultura más profundamente y compartirla ampliamente con gente de otras generaciones tanto como con hermanos y hermanas de otros lados de nuestra planeta.

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