Dancing in Cuzco

Traditional Dances in Cuzco

Through movements, coordination, and choreographed sequences of bodies dance communicates the dancers feelings as well as a lot of information. The different communities of Cuzco express their identity and culture through their dance, and this has a very long history here, from well before the Spanish came. On seeing a dance you can recognize through the movements and the costumes where the dance is from and what the regions tradition and customs are like.0 2805
Chuño Lawa
Traditional Food

A Very Ancient and Very Contemporary Soup, Chuño Cola

Though summer in Cuzco, it may as well be winter, since people tend to stay indoors during the cold afternoons when it rains. When it is chilly like this people look for something hot. What is better for lunch or diner than a delicious hot soup such as chuño cola (lagua,) as its called in Quechua, a purée of traditional freeze dried potatoes, that draws one in with its taste and texture2 3306
Fruit at Ttio Market
Food Culture

Seasonal Fruit Fills Cuzco

It is the rainy season in Cuzco and also time to enjoy fresh fruit. Cuzco fills with fruit during this season and one can enjoy not just the fruit but their products, from the yogurt with fresh fruit that is commonly offered for breakfast to all kinds of exotic fruit juices. 0 2107
Carnival: Dancing Around the Yunza

Carnival in Cuzco, Celebration and Play

Carnival is a feast filled with color and tradition.  People perform typical dances of the region around the yunza tree, … 0 1945
Doll Representing a Comadre as a Social Type
Cuzco Neighborhoods, Food Culture

The Day of the Comadres Makes Cuzco

In the lead up to Carnival, Cuzco celebrated yesterday a fascinating event called the Day of the Comadres.  This day … 0 1571

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