Today Thursday 19th We All Go to The March Get Out All The Corrupt Ones!

Today, July 19, a new march against the judicial corruption of the National Council of Magistracy (CNM) will take place at the national level. The convocation has also raised its voice of protest against the Congress of the Republic.

In Lima the concentration will be in the Plaza San Martín from 6 in the afternoon “March out to all the corrupt – destitution now” organized by the collective “No to Keiko”

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In the city of Cusco there will be two mobilizations, the first will begin at 10 am in the Limacpampa square at 10:00 am there will be the unions and social organizations, the second day of struggle will be in the afternoon from 4 a 5 pm at the Tupac Amaru square

Also at this time the university students joined the fight, making a massive mobilization for the plaza limacpampa heading towards the historic center “Cusco listen to your children in the fight”

While the children die of hunger and cold in the heights of our country, these corrupt people fill their pockets with the suffering of the people

The audios of the judges and prosecutors by IDL-Reporters uncovered a network of corruption and influence peddling among the most important authorities, as well as showing that all institutions are rotten. The drop that revalued the glass for the people to stand up

Let’s all go out and over the streets to demand that all the corrupt ones go out once and for all!

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