The Golden Idol That Feeds on Human Blood

The stories about gold run to all corners of the towns when there is some news. Having it is not to be expected since it is a very precious metal and could change the fortune of the one that I managed to find it.

It is said that gold can be presented in different forms like animals and other strange things that could not be seen in everyday life. Seeing fire or flames of different colors where it shouldn’t be can draw attention for you to know that there is gold in that place.

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The story narrates that in a village of Apurimac called Curahuasi, a family was building their home. They had to make the foundation of the house and for it were digging the earth, when one of them cut his hand with the shovel. Some drops of blood had fallen to the ground and were lost in it.

They did not realize all that happened until they found a gold object that had the shape of a human and near it some little gold pebbles, they could not believe the luck they had, in gratitude they made a payment to the earth.

This object was a golden idol, it had a humanoid form. As they did not need anything, the family kept it and did not tell anyone about the discovery. Time passed and the family found themselves in a terrible economic situation and they had no choice but to try to sell the idol.

One of their friends who also knew about these objects told him to give it human blood and it would give them gold. The father thoughtfully went home and wondered if in reality what his friend had told him was true.

At first, he doubted, but he had nothing to lose. With a knife he cut his hand, dropping the blood on the golden idol. Every drop that fell on the idol disappeared as if by magic and after a few seconds the idol eliminated balls of gold.

The family was saved from the situation where they were in. It is said that this family man can now be seen in the hospital buying blood to give the golden idol to drink.

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Brayan Coraza Morveli

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