The Phantom 4 Drone, a Flying Marvel

The Phantom 4 is a complete package with good characteristics. Released for sale the 15th of March this year, the DJI Phantom is a new generation of this popular drone. It is an excellent update of the formula that led the DJI to dominate the public market for drones.

There are few difference in look between this Phantom and the first that came out in 2013. Perhaps its most relevant innovation is the use of the characteristic colored bands that decorated each of the four legs of the drone.

Nevertheless, the main change in the new version over older generations is a restyling of the drone’s body. It looks more elegant and has a reinforced chasis of magnesium that gives more resistance despite being a bit heavier by about 100 grams.

Another notable feature is the appearance of two new sensors in the front area and the redesign of the stabilization system of the camera gimbal, which now has fewer moving parts, a double grip and seems quite sturdy.

Although the most significant change is the new battery model that prevents using accumulators from previous versions, this is bad news for those who acquired a number of auxiliary batteries.

Its most attractive feature is the improvement in the system of artifical intelligence. The systems for avoiding obstacles and tracking of persons stand out. This detection system uses two front cameras that are those that allow the drone to detect objects and measure their distance in order to avoid them and maintain its course. The tracking system also rellies on the same operation; this allows one to fix on a moving object and tell the drone to follow it in real time by means of the software and the drone’s sensors. You do not need extra hardware either on the object or yourself.

Another important feature of this wonderful drone is “TapFly” . With a few touches on the mobile screen or tablet, the drone will take off. Once in the air you just have to tap the place where you want the drone directed and it will fly using the prevention system to avoid obstacles. To change its direction of flight, you merely have to touch the screen again to send it elsewhere.

The Phantom 4 Drone
The Phantom 4 Drone

The Phantom 4 can reach a speed of 72 km per hour in its Sport mode, thanks to integrated stabilizer and its battery when when rising tilts the drone so that its center of gravity is kept on its core. Nevertheless, you have to be careful your stabilizer in this mode since it disables your system of obstacle prevention.

The Phantom 4 comes equipped with an amazing camera that records videos in 4K at 30fps and full HD at 1080p and 120fps. As a result, you can make impressive slow motions filming. Its newly designed lens allows you to do close ups on objects without losing quality.

The command system of the Phantom 4 features specific controls for making videos. You can customize these controls to your liking for a better flying experience. The system allows a range of 5 km and a maximum height of 500 meters.

The Phantom 4 is a marvel in the field of new aerodynamic technologies. It is considered by many the best drone invented so far. This technology is increasingly having an impact in Cusco and will be seen more and more in visual representations of it.

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