How Did Nintendo Do It?

The world of video games has grown enormously and thanks to this the gameplay experience has improved for both children and older people. One of the companies that has most consolidated in the world of video games is Nintendo thanks to its ingenuity in innovation every time it brings a new console to market.

Nintendo was founded by an artisan named Fusajiro Yamauchi on September 23, 1889, not as we know it today but as a company that was dedicated to the manufacture of Japanese letters called Hanafuda that did not have numbers because at that time the government had prohibited the letters being numbered to avoid illegal bets.

These letters increased their popularity thanks to which Nintendo established a betting system with the Hanafuda. Thanks to this, Nintendo was able to open more factories to meet the demand for their products. Nintendo stopped being just an artisan workshop to become an important Japanese company. After a few years the company became Hiroshi Yamauchi since he was the only one who could take over the company within the family.

Being very inexperienced and young, Hiroshi was not well received by the workers of the company because they believed that due to his immaturity he could take the company to bankruptcy. But, they were wrong because thanks to him Nintendo is what we know today.

One of the best decisions that Hiroshi made was to sign an agreement with the Walt Disney company to produce card games with the figures of its characters, but many did not agree with this decision because they said how could an oriental company resort to a symbol of the western culture. They were mistaken since the product was a success selling an approximate 600 thousand packs of letters.

From the 70s Nintendo began to launch game machines for the arcades. After this, Nintendo began to look at a new products that came from the United States’ Magnavox Odyssey the first video console in the world. At first, it wanted to be the distributor of this video console in Japan, but when Nintendo saw that the cost of bringing the product was high it decided to create its own video console.

During the following years Nintendo had a little success with its consoles–since the games looked a lot like each other users started getting bored. Then, Nintendo launched Donkey Kong, a game that tried to make a hero named Jamma to save a victim kidnapped by an evil gorilla. Thanks to the success of this game, other titles such as Legend of Zelta and Mario Bross came.

For the year 1989 Nintendo launched one of its most successful products of all time, the Game Boy. It took advantage of all the best gaming consoles of that time, on the one hand, and had portability and on the other through the system of cartridges.

For the year of 1994, Sony would launch the PlayStation and a few years later Microsoft the Xbox which made Nintendo restructure its strategy from another point of view, in other words the differentiation that would provide a different experience. For this, it created another type of focused consoles for a more familiar audience. Thanks to this, the company was consolidated as a giant in the videogame and entertainment industry for a long time bringing new experiences to its users.


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