Watson The Most Intelligent System in The World

The technology of intelligent computers advances with very big steps ever since the creation of the first computer in 1936, the Z1. This was a binary mechanical calculator that was the size of a whole table, until the Summit one of the most powerful computers in the world.

Thanks to technological advances, computer systems have increasingly evolved and given us artificial intelligences, which are simulations of human intelligence processes carried out by machines, especially computer systems. Within these processes are learning, reasoning and self-correction.

As a result, many large technology companies have opted to create their own artificial intelligence. For that reason IBM, the blue giant, has opted for Watson its, version of artificial intelligence that is able to answer questions formulated in our language thanks to a large database which has information contained from many sources including prestigious encyclopedias, dictionaries, articles and literary works.

Watson was created in early 2014 and today is developed by more than 10,000 employees. Its name honors Thomas John Watson for having turned the company into a multinational when he was president of IBM.

Today, IBM works with more than 400 associates and more than 80,000 developers, in addition to having many agreements with universities and technology centers. Thanks to the great growth that companies such as Microsoft, Google and Amazon have had in the field of artificial intelligence, IBM has opted for Watson to become the system that will revolutionize the technology industry being implemented in many sectors from medicine to technology and finance.

The world we live in today has changed a lot, from the first calculator to the most powerful computers that we have today and every day technology makes this world a more interesting place.

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