24 Years of Revolution of Intelligent Telephones

Mobile technology has been evolving ever since its appearance 25 years ago with IBM’s first Simon smartphone. When this phone was presented in public in Florida during the Wireless World convention in November 1993 it caused a lot of interest in the public since it allowed to send emails and faxes, it also had a calendar, agenda, and offered some applications.

After the launch, Simon began to generate new needs such as more resolution, power, range, usability, new designs, less battery consumption, etc. For that reason companies like Samsung, Iphone, etc. have been improving with each new device that launches to the market.

It is for this reason that screens today have almost reached the ceiling of their capabilities. They have eliminated almost the entire frame, in addition, the new generation has folding screens that allow the screen to have a wider surface in applications without increasing the size of the phone .

In addition, today we have graphene batteries, a material made of carbon, which allows the batteries to last more charged and can be charged in a faster way. The cameras are also incorporated in the new smartphones that have also reached their maximum capacity without putting the portability of these devices at risk. Now they will focus on artificial intelligence and the greater capacity of image processing to obtain a better quality of resolution and image in photographs and videos.

Advances in smartphones are important. Now the industry will undoubtedly revolutionize the 5G or fifth generation of wireless broadband that will provide a speed of loading and unloading up to 100 times higher than today.

The world is evolving every time in different subjects, among them the mobile technology that helps us every day in our tasks and provide us with new solutions to different problems and these changes make this world, and Cusco among others, a more interesting place to live

IBM Simon, el primer smartphone de la historia

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