The Wonder of Allcamayo Falls – Machu Picchu

Many people wonder what else they can do after visiting the citadel of Machupicchu. If you have time and like to walk you could visit the Allcamayo Waterfall.

This place is the little known side of Machu Picchu. It is located southeast of the city of Aguas Calientes, up the Allcamayo river, which shares its name with the waterfall. The road is behind the train station, 35 minutes of walking at a slow pace.

On leaving the city you go up some wooden stairs and follow the road for 4 minutes until you come to a small hut that has a large sign that says “CATARATA ALLCAMAYO WATER FALL”. There you pay 5 soles admission. You can also take buy water.

Allcamayo Waterfall
Allcamayo Waterfall

From here the jungle vegetation starts and it is recommended that you take mosquito repellent, a rain poncho in case it rains, and sunblock. All along the all way you are surrounded by vegetation: orchids, ferns, vines, and even rocoto peppers can be found on the path.

You will see many varieties of birds, such as the watchmaker, along with many butterflies of many colors and sizes. There are ants and cicadas screech from trees. Other insects abound. The path is well marked and at many points of the road you can leave apachetas as offerings.

The way to Allcamayo waterfall
The way to Allcamayo waterfall

As we go up we find 3 waterfalls first a small one, then a medium, and finally the Allcamayo waterfall that has more than 30 meters of fall. You can approach and feel a flow of air generated by the fall of water.

When arriving one feels very comforted; it was worth having walked the 35 minutes. You can now take pictures.

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