The Lamb Boy

Year after year, Christmas extends its lights and prayers for the birth of the baby Jesus in order to unite families and spread love to one another. Christmas is the festivity that has most meaning, because in it we celebrate how the all-powerful God became man to live among us with the intention of redeeming the world and freeing us from sin. The religious and folkloric celebrations, the midnight masses, the Christmas songs, the manger scenes, chocolates, toys, the humble gifts, the fritters, etc. give life to this great celebration.

In these holidays you remember that while some have a happy Christmas, others do not, either because our economy does not allow them or because the family is far away or in the worst case have lost someone very loved.

One of the most beautiful customs in this feast is to visit the manger scenes in the different plazas of the city. These are scenes of the holy family, created originally by St. Francis of Asís for their adoration. Christian families take pains to build their manger scenes. Some even make them so large that they cover whole rooms with different ornaments, angels, lights, colors, animals, and more.

In this season I was once told about a beautiful manger scene that had a lamb child, located not far from the city. This crèche was hosted in a small and rustic house. The most curious thing about it is that a had a lamb was in the manger/crib with the face of a very beautiful child.

Lamb Boy
Lamb Boy

When asked why the lamb-shaped child, the household head said that one day he found him on the hillsides while he was plowing his land for the planting. For opening the earth, he always read the Bible. For that reason he took him home and began to venerate him as an authentic Child God.

But what made this man believe more in this revelation were the miracles that he and his family then experienced along with the fact that the seeds he had sown began to germinate faster than normal in his stony lands. Since then, it is said that in that humble house of that little hill, Jesus was born as a lamb who takes away the sins of the world.

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