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Chef Hubert’s Secret for a Chicken Causa Rellena

It is easy to learn to make a causa rellena. In Peru, causa is a very popular dish, easily prepared, and representative of our gastronomy. You can make it from chicken, tuna, or vegetables. You vary the ingredients according to your preferences.

Casa is a delight that you should never fail to enjoy. Some three days ago, in the office of Cusco Eats, we received a visitor, Chef Hubert Cruz Surco who studied cooking at the Blue Ribbon Institute of Haute Cuisine.

We talked and laughed as we remembered many pleasant moments we had passed together at other times. Lunch approached and Hubert asked us what we were going to eat or where should we go eat. Walter and I had no plans so we asked our visitor if he had any suggestions. Hubert entered into our kitchen and said he could prepare something easy and fast. He gave us three options: rice with chicken (arroz con pollo), green fettuccine (tallarines verdes), or a causa rellena. The three are delicious but we chose the causa with a chicken filling (causa rellena de pollo).

Quickly we went and bought the ingredients in the Wanchaq Market.

1 kilo of yellow potato.

1/2 kilo chicken breast.

1 small packet of mayonnaise.

2 yellow ajíes (hot peppers).

2 avocados.

2 eggs.

1/4 kilo olives.

1 stem parsley.

1 red pepper.

As soon as we got back to the office, Hubert put the chicken breast to boil, along with the potatoes and the eggs. Once the potatoes were cooked we helped him to peel them and then to mash them in a deep bowl. Afterwards we blended the yellow ajíes that we had boiled, peeled, and removed the seeds. Chef Hubert placed the yellow liquid in a glass. Later he mixed it with the mashed potatoes and a tablespoon of mayonnaise so that the mass would not fall apart. He checked the salt and added a bit more. The taste was incredible.

While we helped him shred the boiled chicken breasts, to which Chef Hubert added salt, he also diced the parsley after removing the leaves from the stems.

Once all this was ready, Chef Hubert added mayonnaise and the minced parsley to the shredded chicken and mixed it all together.

Causa Rellena  (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Causa Rellena (Walter Coraza Morveli)

He extended the mashed potatoes on the table on plastic. It was about one centimeter thick. He placed the chicken mix on top of this and on top of that the avocado cut into thin and long strips. Once it was all ready he rolled it up and sliced it into pieces. He added to the dish for color strips of red pepper, rounds of sliced boiled egg, and pit free botija olives.

Our eyes were surprised and delighted. The plate looked festive. The colors and scents of the chicken causa rellena were already causing our palates to tingle with desire before we even lifted up a fork-full. Walter, Hubert, and I were content and happy when all the ingredients hit our palates.

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