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A Traditional Cold Dish from Cuzco, Solterito de Cuchicara

Solterito is a typical cold dish served in Cuzco. Also called soltero, which mean single or alone as in a single person, someone un-married, this dish involves a variety of natural ingredients. Two kinds of solteritos are eaten commonly in our city. They are the solterito of habas, or broadbeans, and the solterito of cuchicara, or the pork soltero. These are delicious and easily found in the markets of our city.

The two main ingredients of these dishes are brought from our fields to the cooking pot, they are potatoes and fava beans. These are always grown in our fields and bring them beauty with the different colors of their leaves and especially their flowers.

You have a solterito for vegans and one for meat eaters. Both can be enjoyed every day, if you wish. These two dishes are also quite economical.

Soltero de cuchicara.


_ Broad beans
_ Carrots
_ Onion
_ A strip of pork
_ Potatoes
_ Salt
_ Pepper
_ Oil
_ Tomatoes
_ Lime

. Preparation:

Simmer the shelled broad beans, the carrot, potatoes and the pork together. When done, slice the carrots in long strips, as well as the pork and the onion. Then, in a bowl, mix the broad beans, carrot, onion, and pork together. Season with salt, pepper, limejuice, and oil. Serve the dish accompanied with whole, boiled potatoes and decorate it with slices of tomato.

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