Regional Strike in Cusco

Cusco May 24, 2018

This morning the city of Cusco woke up to a forceful mobilization as a protest against the increase of the Selective Consumption Tax (ISC), promulgated recently by the government of Peru’s president, Martín Vizcarra.

Organized by the Departmental Federation of Workers of Cusco (FDTC), the strike is also convened by transport workers and has the support of teachers.

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The 24-hour strike began at 5 AM. All the city’s main roads are blocked and there is no urban transport.

All workers of the urban transport service are complying with this measure of protest and reject the increase of fuel prices and the national government’s economic package.


Heart Of Cusco

5 Days Delux

The Sacred Valley

1 Day retreats

It should also be noted that unemployment is overwhelming throughout the Cusco region.

foto: Cusco Canchis

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