The story behind a photograph

As a week end adventure, my friend Hebert and I decided to leave the city and escape the overwhelming days lived in our day to day to go to the snow-clad mountain Ausangate, one of the most impressive mountains of the Andes. This mountain has been calling us for a long time and we saw an opportune moment to go see it. The possibility just suddenly happened.

Once we had reached Ausangate, while in the community of Pacchanta, a beautiful place that is at the imposing peak’s base that we could barely see because of the fog and clouds that cover it, around midday, we decided to walk for a few hours to arrive at the closest lakes. On the way, the views were impressive with small lakes and herds of alpacas.

After having walked for close to two hours we arrived at the first lake called Puka Cocha, or red lake.  We walked a bit more, taking photos and then decided to walk a bit more though it was also getting late and seemed like it was going to rain. Half an hour later down the road, Hebert suddenly saw something blue.  We went on and found a blue-green lake. “How beautiful”, we said as it stole out breath.

We found a super magical place with lots of connection.

It was the lake of Qomer Cocha, which is means Green Lake. To get the picture of it we had to get into the water around the edge, walking on rocks that were there. The cold was very intense, so much so that I almost could not feel my feet. At the same time the sun gave its last rays which were perfect for the photograph. Clouds and fog covered the hills and a light rain fell.  We finally were able to take the picture.

Afterwards, we went to the community of Pacchanta where we stayed the night.


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