Peru’s Palace of High Cuisine, the New Casa Moreyra in Lima

Today, Peru is one of the most important gastronomic destinations in the world. To a large extent, this is due to the indefatigable efforts of the Peruvian chef, Gastón Acurio. With lots of effort and passion he has located Peruvian food and Peruvian restaurants at the top of the world food scene.

According to the prestigious food magazine Restaurant, seven of the fifteen best restaurants of Latin America are found in Peru. This alone makes the country an important destination for foodies.

This ranking is due to the great efforts of a host of Peruvian chefs, including Gastón Acurio, who suffered in order to graduate from culinary schools and become known. They then relied on every product that comes from our fabulous and varied land. The converted them into fabulous dishes, inundated with flavor and quality.

Every day, diners put them to the test. The abilities of these kitchen warriors are put to the test, whenever diners come and sit at their table and hope to have pleasure.

Seeing the quality and ranking Peru has attained, Gastón Acurio decided to create a new palace of gastronomic pleasure. For this he closed his Astrid and Gastón that was considered one of the finest restaurants in the world and is opening Astrid and Gastón La Casa Moreyra.

Plan of Casa Moreyra, San Isidro, Lima
Plan of Casa Moreyra, San Isidro, Lima

You could say this is simply a move to a new location for this famous restaurant, which became one of the top 14 in the world according to the San Peregrino Guide. But it is more.

After that achievement, the culinary genius decided to create a new place and a new restaurant. For this he obtained a historic and famous palace in San Isidro, the Casa Moreyra. The place has a pre-Hispanic base and has become an important part of the historical heritage of Lima.

Acurio has restored it masterfully. It is beautiful and has an impact just for the architecture and art alone. Wherever you look you see fine art and refined taste. The mansion goes with the very high quality of food that comes from Astrid and Gastón’s new kitchen.

There can be no doubt this new palace-restaurant will do justice to the ranking Peruvian cuisine has attained. It has reached the level of any fine European restaurant that has Michelin stars.

It will be more than a restaurant, however, it will be a magnificent experience. Gastón Acurio has designed this complex of buildings and gardens so that people do not only have an outstanding meal but also that they can see how the dishes are made. For this he has created a demonstration room. There is also a separate bar that is more informal, and there is The Cielo, the Sky (heaven) that has private rooms. But we also find Eden, a garden for children to enjoy.

For adults Acurio has created rooms for conferences, chats, and tastings. Besides being one of the world’s best restaurants, the Casa Moreyra will be a place where many things happen constantly.

In March, the Casa Moreyra will open its doors to the public. It hopes to attract many to enjoy a great experience from beginning to end.

Without doubt, having a place of such quality in Lima will kick up culinary activity in the city. It is a consolidated offering, supported by many national institutions that believe that cuisine is a tool for developing and promoting the entire country of Peru.

Here is an interview in English in which Gastón Acurio explains the Casa Moreyra.

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