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February Brings Love, Carnival, and Yuca

The rainy season is nearing its mid point and quickly will come to an end. As it goes on, in February we begin the month of love and the windup to Carnival. During these days of passion a tuber like the potato begins to be seen in abundance on our streets. The time of yuca is arriving and trucks come from the lowlands early in the morning to the wholesale markets of the city to offload mounds of yuca.

Outside the yuca is rough and dark brown. This external skin hides an inside that is intensely white and filled with nutrients. For us it is a basic nourishment, like the potato and is much consumed by people. It also finds great use in our gastronomy. It is used for many dishes and also accompanies many more.

You have to know how to cook yuca, however. Many people have probably never tried to do so and may want to know how to prepare it and use it.

The first step is to peel the tuber. You take off all the brown and only leave the white. Then you boil the yuca for some twenty to twenty-five minutes.

Once cooked you can do many things with the yuca. Of course you can serve it as is to accompany many main dishes.

Yuca Rebosada and Puchero
Yuca Rebosada and Puchero

One common way of serving it is to do yuca rebosada, where you prepare a batter, dip the cooked yuca in the batter and then fry it. The batter is simple; it is made from flour, salt, and eggs.

Since February is filled with the approach of carnival we also see the dish that is typical of that season, the puchero, also called thimpu or timpu. It should always be present. For this you need yuca since it is one of the ingredients that cannot be lacking.

In any case, the yuca is delicious and compliments many dishes such as soups and broths, to give them consistency and thickness.

Just as in each season of yuca, people can buy them and enjoy them by making delicious foods. They are also good as appetizers.

Many people, of course, will put on their aprons, get their scales, and will offer yuca by kilos to the public

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