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Cuban Rice, One of Cuzco’s Favorite Dishes

Cuban rice is a very popular recipe in Cusco. It is simple and delicious. Easy and quick to prepare, much more so than you might think, it does not require any complex preparations or lots of ingredients. It is just a dish that everyone, old and young, can enjoy.

People love its taste. It has a sweet and sour combination from the fried banana combined with rice and fried egg. This union of three universes makes it marvelous when you eat it.

Arroz a la cubana, as we call Cuban rice is a frequent preparation in our markets and in many restaurants of the city, where it can be made more elaborately with additional ingredients. People eat if for breakfast and have it in the afternoons for lunch or at night for supper. It is always available.

Its three indispensable ingredients are the white rice, a plantain for frying, and an egg. These are ingredients that are always available in our stores and markets and so make it very easy to make the dish at home should you wish as well as for cuban rice to always be found. You can add to it hot sauce or french fries, if you wish, as well as a salad of cucumber, tomato, and onion.

Int he San Pedro Market, one of the largest and most important markets of our city, this dish is cooked up fresh every day. There is a whole line of stands dedicated exclusively to selling Cuban rice. Every day they fill up with clients wanting this quick and very satisfying food. You can see them seated on benches enjoying their meal The dish is also inexpensive; it costs 3 /S a little more than 1$US.

Because of the ease with which the dish is cooked, mothers make this dish frequently for lunch and well as sending it as a snack for their kids in their school lunch boxes. It is simply one of the most popular foods in Cuzco.

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