Fresh and Natural Flavors at the Granja Heidi

Waffle with Carop Syrup

This restaurant is located on the narrow and steep Cuesta San Blas street, near its beginning, on the second floor of a colonial house. It is easy to recognize because above the door is an image of a cow along with the name Granja Heidi (Heidi’s Farm). It is a place like everyone hopes for, tranquil and welcoming. Once on the second floor we saw small doors that gave a view of San Blas’ hill.

The food is fresh and healthy, served on hand-made, pottery plates on wooden tables. The floor is also of wood in a combination that gave a perfect rustic touch to make us enjoy our meal. It was a natural ambiance with fresh air and plants around the establishment.

A Palm Giving Life
A Palm Giving Life

On the walls pictures of the Amazon area and the small palm plants offered light and life as if we were in nature and space.

It was lunch time and two tables were reserved. A young woman welcomed us at the door and told us to choose where we would like to sit, except for at those two tables.

The Granja Heidi’s gastronomic offering seemed at a high level, valiant creative and honest. It menu offered us fresh and natural ingredients, including lots of vegetables. On the list of first courses it offered a variety of salads, soups and cremes. They were made with natural products that were completely Cuzcqueño, such as quinoa, potatoes, and zapallo (a hubbard-like squash).

Ossobuco with Rice
Ossobuco with Rice

Among the main dishes were meats from animals raised on natural pasture and, as a result, are of high quality. These included prime beef tenderloin and seco de cordero ( a stewed lamb), among others. They also offered more vegetable-based dishes such a locro de zapallo ( a squash stew) and rocoto relleno (stuffed rocoto pepper) which are typical dishes of Cuzco.

They also had delicious desserts such as sweet and savory crepes, various house-made yoghurts, as well as cakes. One of the most highly recommended is their carrot cake.

The appetizer arrived, avocado and rocoto pepper with a bit of bread.

Bread, Avocado and Chili
Bread, Avocado and Chili

Hebert had ordered their fixed menu for lunch and his soup, a potato creme arrived. It delighted us and along with the uchukuta, the freshly made hot sauce made an wonderful combination of flavors.

As his main course, they brought him ossobuco. It was a soft and very succulent cut accompanied by rice and salad in a festival of flavor.

His dessert was a carmelized waffle with carob syrup, called by the delightful Spanish name algarrobina, and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Potato Cream
Potato Cream

His drink was a chicha morada, a classic Peruvian drink of purple corn. It was good, not the best I have ever tasted and not the worst. You could taste the wonderful flavor of the corn and it was very refreshing.

Walter chose a locro of zapallo, the squash stew. This is a classic Cuzco dish made with our variety of blue winter squash with rich orange interior. The stew is served with rice and is a dish we have eaten many times.

When it was brought it appeared delicious. As they say food first enters through the eyes. It was well presented served on a hand-made plate. I loved it. The flavor was delicate and fresh, with a bit of freshly grated cheese on top. It had the perfect flavor of classic locro.

Locro and Rice
Locro and Rice

A man came to speak with us, the owner, and see how we were. He is from Sicuani, a town up the Vilcnota River from where the Huatanay River of the Cuzco Valley joins it. The town sits in a broad and fertile valley and is a center of agriculture. He has had a lot of culinary experience and, while still true to his roots has gained cosmopolitan experience.

Granja Heidi is one of the enchanting places of our city. We enjoyed a feast of flavor and camaraderie among friends, clients, and associates. Though in the city, it seemed we were eating al fresco. We were thrilled with the strength of a place that speaks to the world through flavor.



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