A Soothing Hot Beverage, Té Macho

Té Macho a Special Drink Offered in Cusco's Bars

The drinks that are offered in different bars and restaurants of Cuzco are acclaimed by many people, not just local but also the tourists who come daily to our city. They enjoy the magnificent beverages at any hour of the day or night.

There are a lot of different drinks offered throughout Cuzco. As soon as the sun begins going down people go to one of these places and order a drink. Then hours pass by as they enjoy their drink of choice and maybe go out to eat and dance in order to have a fun night.

There are many kinds of drinks, whether hot or cold. Among them, the temacho is a hot drink that is well known and much ordered because of its special flavor. Many people who are not bartenders in Cuzco and yet they all claim to know how to prepare this classic drink . People say there are only a few ingredients that are needed. Among these is the magic wand, called cinnamon. Then come cloves, pure black tea, and a certain quantity of cañazo, a distilled cane alcohol.

Having a Good Té Macho
Having a Good Té Macho

The drinks taste is gentle. You do not taste much of the harshness of the alcohol. Since it is served hot, you can drink it as if it were a normal tea without realizing while drinking that it contains hard liquor. You may end with a buzz but not drunk. People enjoy this drink while trading words in a tranquil place, with a serene ambience, and music that is not so loud.

Many people of our city comment that to make up a proper té macho you need to first bring water to a boil with a cinnamon stick and cloves. Then you add the tea to the water and once steeped you and the cañazo and wait for a bit for the drink to settle. Then it is ready for you to drink.

It is fun to enjoy this hot drink called té macho. You will find it ready and hot in the different bars, restaurants, and discotheques found in Cuzco’s monumental core.


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