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The Peruvian Coffee from the Incahuasi Valley – Cusco, will compete in the Netherlands for the World Cup of Excellence

The Peruvian Coffee from the Incahuasi Valley – Cusco, will compete in the Netherlands for the World Cup of Excellence. The coffee of Mrs. Hilda Leguía, from the Valle Incahuasi cooperative, reached the highest price with $ 5,150 per quintal in the IV Peru 2020 Cup of Excellence auction.

Mrs. Hilda Leguia, received the highest national award, her “Geisha Coffee” obtained a score of 90 cup points and was ranked first in the Peru Cup of Excellence 2020 contest.

The work of the Valle Incahuasi Cooperative has had the support of a disciplined organization with almost 500 partners concerned with quality and winning the most difficult markets in the world. Its product goes with the Valle Incahuasi brand and is sold in Germany, USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, now it is expected to arrive in Saudi Arabia, since it is a highly valued product in the international market.

This exquisite Peruvian coffee represents us and is one of the favorites of the World Cup Of Excellence 2021 competition that takes place in the Netherlands. This World Cup Of Excellence program was born in 1999 at the end of a global project designed to help farmers receive more money for their high-quality coffee.

Taza de Excelencia Perú 2020

This competition is affectionately known as the “Coffee Olympics” and has hundreds of coffee companies from around the world competing for the award, these companies trust the Cup Of Excellence program, to discover incredible coffees created by worthy and unknown farmers, in this competition thousands of farmers have changed their lives by winning.

Every year thousands of coffees are scrutinized to a level that is unmatched by any other championship in the world. The winning coffees are sold at world auctions with the resulting proceeds going mostly to farmers.

In order to understand the demanding level to which the coffees are subjected, one only has to think that for 300 coffees analyzed, 9000 cups would be tasted and that each coffee among the top 10 selected, will have been tasted at least 120 times.

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