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The World of Scrambles in Cusco

The Imperial City of Cusco´s cuisine is delicious. We have various dishes with different flavors and ingredients. They enrich your palate whether you are from Cusco or are a foreigner. People enjoy all the delicious offerings of food found in Cusco.,
The dishes that are most prepared in the markets and restaurants are lentils with white rice, the seco de cordero (a lamb stew), chicken stew, matasca de carne, the typical segundo (main dish) made from lisas, chicken with rice, and other pleasing foods.

Still there is one dish which is almost never found on the menu in this kind of places. Only rarely do you find it. It also has a wonderful flavor. It is the wonderful and delicious revuelto de patitas, the a kind of scramble made with beef knuckles.

The fundamental ingredient, of course, is the meet found on the knuckles. The dish also includes french friend potatoes and white rice.

I asked more about this dish. I went to my caseras, the vendors from whom I often buy food, and I asked several women how you can make a good revuelto de patitas. They all told me that in order to prepare a delicious revuelto de patitas you need to first prepare a delicious aderezo, that is a sofrito that lies at the root of Peruvian cuisine.

For this you need garlic, onion, cumin pepper, peanuts, and salt. You first  brown lightly the onion and garlic and then add the pepper and cumin. Then you slowly add the ground peanuts

 Moraya Scramble, a Delicious Treat of Cusco
Moraya Scramble, a Delicious Treat of Cusco
Then you add a cup of water and bring the mixture to a boil for some five minutes. Then you add the pieces of meat from the knuckles and once cooked the French fries. You add salt to taste. You mix everything and, voila, it is ready.

We also have other dishes called by the name revuelto or scramble. These include revuelto de vainitas (green beans) and the revuelto of zanahoria (carrots).

Although made from different ingredients, all of these dishes carry the name of revuelto. They are not difficult to prepare and are not expensive. They are mostly eaten, as a result, our homes in Cusco

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