The Wonderful Fauna of Machu Picchu

Peru is one of the countries with the greatest diversity of flora, fauna and ecosystems in the world. It has punas, valleys, tropical forests, deserts, etc. which are home to a great variety of animals and plants. For this reason, Peru has protected natural area. Their presence offers us the opportunity to enjoy beautiful landscapes. Respect towards them guarantees that they will be maintained over the years for generations to come.

The Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu has a variety of related recognitions. Within them we can mention that since January 8, 1981 It belongs to the National System of Natural Areas Protected by the State (SINAMPE) and this covers an area of ​​32,592 hectares. On December 9, 1983, UNESCO declared Machu Picchu part of Cultural Heritage of Humanity. These two recognitions reveal the historical and natural wealth that this wonder possesses.

Natural protected areas are very important for the conservation of biological diversity and the state is obliged to protect them.

One of the greatest attractions in the fauna of Machu Picchu is the Andean bear, also known as the spectacled bear. Very few have seen it and have had the good fortune to take a photograph with these rare bears. It is the only South American bear. Its diet is based on fruits and bromeliads. Within the forests of the Sanctuary of Machupicchu you can find their different traces.

One of the most colorful species of birds is the gray-collared Toucanets. They are usually found in pairs or groups, they live between 2,000 and 3,400 meters above sea level. Their habitats are the humid forests and they have usually been seen on the Inca trail between Phuyupatamarca and Intipunko.

We should also mention the national bird of Peru, the famous cock of the rocks. The differences between the male and female are very striking to the eye because the male is black and reddish orange. It is easy to distinguish them; the female is brownish in color and for that reason she is very difficult to see. The cock of the rocks usually gather in groups, and the males dance to attract the females.

One of the largest carnivores that exists is the puma. This animal can be found both in tropical forests and in the Andean punas and valleys. Very few have seen why it is a nocturnal animal that hunts at night.

The Hummingbird, which lives in the forests from 1600 meters above sea level, generally feeds on the nectar of the tubular flowers in the highest parts of the trees. It is very usual to see them in the Machu Picchu sanctuary.

 flora and fauna of Machu Picchu
flora and fauna of Machu Picchu, By Efrain Aranibar

The duck of the torrents is another bird that is usually seen on the rocks near the waterfalls and rapids in the rivers because this is the place where it feeds. It is found between 1000 and 4000 meters above sea level.

The Andean condor is another of the birds that could be seen in Machu Picchu until a few years ago. Today, unfortunately, it cannot be seen anymore. This is due to the presence of helicopters in the sanctuary as well as drones nowadays. Their sound so strong that it completely frightened off these birds considered messengers of the gods and important deity in the Andean world.

To date Peru has 158 natural areas protected by the state and we are all obliged to respect and protect them.

Image reference:  Sr. Yury Guevara

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