The Sun Avenue’s Mysterious Owl

There is a very large mural in the City of Cuzco where you can see spectacular images concerning the Andean revolution. You will find various personages from our history there showing their struggles in Peruvian history. These heroes are recognized throughout Peru and people know their names. Special dates are set up to honor them.

The mural is on the Sun Avenue and every day many people walk up and down the avenue, though only a few give a little time to focus their eyes on the painting for a bit. Only a few people see the details of the painting and analyze it in order to know that it is about Peruvian history.

Mural on the Sun Avenue (Arnold Fernandez)
Mural on the Sun Avenue (Arnold Fernandez)

Nevertheless, other people are always looking at it closely and still cannot figure out why the different personages are painted in different ways and with the people fighting and with the gestures that make the painting seem inexplicable.

Within the painting is also found a small black owl with red and screaming eyes. If you say this, most people will not believe you since they have not seen it even if they have looked at the mural. Only those who have studied the painting closely know that it was put there for some reason. Some people say it is there because these birds bring bad luck. It is said to be a bad augery.

The majority of the people walking up and down the Sun Avenue do not imagine that in this labyrinthine mural you will find an owl on someone’s shoulder. It is more like a puzzle than a painting. It is very difficult to figure out the sense of this part of the painting.

It might be fun for you to look at the mural when you walk up the Sun Avenue and try to see the owl to figure out what it means.





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