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The Rains Continue and Our Land Blooms

Cuzco is dressed in color, these days, thanks to the rainy season. For several months, now, we have had almost daily rainfall and out flowers and scenery are at the splendid peak. You can see it clearly in our mountains that are green now. There you can see the clouds gather and the rain strike, From there you also see the scenery around the city bloom.

Saqsaywaman, the Temple of the Moon and all the land around present diverse and unique colors. It is stunning to see the majestic colors the land provides us. They make these sites of our ancestors all the more majestic and spectacular. In them you can really feel a unique calm and peace.

April is when the rains should be saying their good byes to the city in order to be gone for a long time. It has rained day and night. The rains were soft and gentle, what we call female rain. Our farmers awaited them with great joy so that their fields could flourish and their crops reach maturity.

A View of Cuzco City From the Mountain (Walter Coraza Morveli)
A View of Cuzco City From the Mountain (Walter Coraza Morveli)

During this time of the year we have also seen rainbows with some frequency They appear suddenly, when least expected, especially when it is raining lightly while the sun shines. Its beautiful colors show up in the form of bars. Sometimes there are even two rainbows visible at the same time.

The weather report says that we can expect rains through at least the end of the month. People are talking because they all ready expected them to diminish but they continue, almost incessantly. Nevertheless, it is time for us to enter the next stage fo the year when potatoes and other food crops will appear in our markets in abundance and the earth will dry up.

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