The Hymn of Peru is one of the most beautiful in the world

National anthems around the world interpret many things as pride, identity, accomplished deeds, feelings of solidarity and glorification of their history and traditions of a nation. All this is turned into a musical composition which thousands and thousands of people sing with pride and passion.

These anthems are expected in world events such as the last World Cup in 2018 and of course the Copa América 2019. The national hymns of the participating countries made a difference and it was possible to see how the fans sang in a strong tone to represent their countries.

Peru—apart from having a great cultural wealth such as gastronomy, traditional drinks, the best tourist destinations, Machupicchu one of the world wonders, identity, etc—has one of the most beautiful hymns in the world and was recognized on many occasions.

Its lyrics were composed by José de la Torre Ugarte and it’s music by José Bernardo Alcedo in 1821. The first time it was sung, it was performed by Rosa Merino de Arenas. The national anthem of Peru is very important because it represents Peruvian freedom.

Peruvian achievements worldwide generate a great identity such as the recognition of Peruvian Pisco, cuisine, coffee, asparagus, corn, potatoes, quinoa, athletes, Machupicchu, and much more others give us pride.

When Peru’s national anthem sounds, all Peruvians stand up and sing loudly, proud of this nation which was a cradle of ancestral cultures and historical events that marked throughout the history of Peru and generate a great identity.

Here we leave a rough translation of the complete lyrics of one of the most beautiful hymns in the world, The National Anthem of Peru.


We’re free! Let’s always know it!
And may the sun deny its light,
Before we fail the solemn vow
That the Fatherland raised to the Eternal.

Verse I

Long the oppressed Peruvian
Dragged the ominous chain
Condemned to a cruel servitude,
Long in silence he moaned.
But the sacred cry—
Freedom—on its shores was heard,
The indolence of the slave shakes,
The humiliated servant was lifted.

Verse II

Already the rumble of hoarse chains—
Who listened to three centuries of horror
From the free, to the sacred cry
That he the world heard astonished—ceased.

Everywhere San Martin inflamed,
Freedom! freedom! he pronounced:
And rocking the Andes’ base
They enunciated it in one voice.

Verse III

With its influence the peoples awaken
And what a ray, ran the opinion,
From the Isthmus to the land of fire
From the fire to the frozen region.
Everyone swears to break the link,
What Nature denied to both worlds,
And break the scepter that Spain
Laid proudly on both.

Verse IV
Lima fulfills its solemn vow,
And severe its anger showed,
The powerful tyrant throwing,
Who tried to lengthen his oppression.
To this effort, the irons jumped
And the grooves that self repaired
fueled by hatred and revenge
inherited from its Inca and Lord.

Verse V

Countrymen, let us no more see us
Enslaved, humiliated for three centuries they moaned,
Forever let us swear to be free,
Maintaining our own splendor
Our arms, until today unarmed,
Always be priming the barrel,
That one day the beaches of Iberia,
Will feel the terror of our noise.

Verse VI

Let’s excite Spain’s jealousy
Well, it senses with diminution and fury
That in the competition of great nations
Our homeland will be comparable.
In the list of these forms
We will fill be first in line
Though the ambitious Iberian tyrant,
Ravaged the whole of America.

Verse VII

At its top the Andes hold
The flag, our bicolor flag.
Let the effort be announced for centuries
That being free, it always gave us.
In its shadow we live quietly,
And when the sun rises from its summits,
Let us renew the great oath
That we surrender to the God of Jacob.

Brayan Coraza Morveli

Soy completamente cusqueño. Mi profesión es analista de sistemas. Me encanta escuchar y tocar la música andina tanto como bailar break. Me gusta también compartir mi experiencias como cusqueño con gente de otros lados. Una de mis metas es llegar a conocer mi cultura más profundamente y compartirla ampliamente con gente de otras generaciones tanto como con hermanos y hermanas de otros lados de nuestra planeta.

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