Saqsayhuaman’s Glory in Video

A surprising and mysterious monument, even though reduced by the Spanish invasion, Saqsayhuaman holds for you experiences and powerful impressions.  With its walls of enormous stones that zigzag like lightning ow like the feathers of a hawk’s wing or that of an owl, it rises from the earth a wonder and a labyrinth.

It continues to be an apu to whom people give honor and devotion, and it is the center of a great area of temples and huacas, some of them set up to receive tourists.  The famous linguist Rodolfo Cerrón Palomino argues that the site holds a special relationship with the Incas since it was related to the name of the city and reminds of the Ayar brother, one of the first Incas, who flew like a great bird and settled where now you find Saqsayhuaman.

Stones of Sacsayhuaman (Wayra)
Stones of Sacsayhuaman (Wayra)

In the video we give you here, a view is opened of this site without pair.  It is a great center of tourist pilgrimage in order to appreciate and admire that greatness of the past.  It also received thousands of pilgrims who come for amazing rites, such as devotion to the Pachamama, the Lady Earth or the dramatization of inti Raymi.  In the video you will be able to grasp how it is so much more than a stage for rituals.  It majesty demands respect and honor.

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