Rainbow Mountain, Stage of Famous Singers

The Mexican Rocker León Larregui, launched nine months ago the video for his latest song, part of his ‘Voluma’ production.

Larregui claimed the city of Cusco in Peru to record the music video of his song Birdie. The video clip was recorded at the mountain of 7 colors in Cusco where the singer walking relaxed, admiring the beauty of the place. With almost 5 million views the video became one of the most listened to by his followers.

The history of the video clip shows a connection with nature. You can appreciate dazzling scenery, beautiful mountains. You can admire the beauty of the landscape, glaciers, and animals of the place.

The interesting thing is that the lyrics speak of New York and et it is filmed in Cusco.

Watch the video.

What a beautiful metaphor…
She, his great love, as a sanctuary in body and soul, and he who loves and deifies, observes, touches and feels, travels her body, scales her mountains and is victorious around her curves. It revels the the subtle and transcendent being of flesh and Earth, heart and spirit. ❤ (Mya Alejandra)

Once more, the beautiful landscapes of Peru dazzle and captivate famous singers who take these scenes for their works of art.

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