Qali Warma Shows Creativity in Feeding Children

Today in the Tupac Amaru Plaza, around its equestrian statue, you could see a large crowd of people who formed part of the exposition Qali Warmi carried out by the National Program of School and Social Nutrition.

Qali Warma is directed, as its mission states, to give the services of nutritious food to girls and boys who are enrolled in public educational institutions at the primary and kindergarten levels. At the secondary level it works with indigenous people in the Peruvian Amazon in order to improve attendance at classes as well as food habits. It promotes the participation of the local community. (1)

From 9 am it has been in progress. The temporary tents were dressed in red and white cloths, the colors of the National Flag. Each of these tents had something to show. On the upper part of the entrance to each tent you could see the name of the region and the province represented by the occupants. Mothers of families explained how they balanced the packaged products they received from the state with the products that they produced on their land.

Una tienda expone para Qali Warma (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Una tienda expone para Qali Warma (Walter Coraza Morveli)

You could appreciate their representative and typical foods. It was all a delight: the omelette with chard and spinach, the olluco with dried beef, the juane of rice with pieces of chicken, the skewers of fruit, among other dishes.

On the other hand the display showed off how colorful the agricultural products are, the mashua, oca, corn, wheat, cacao, coffee, lettuce, among others. These came from Cusco, Madre de Dios and Apurimac.

The displayed foods looked delicious and attractive. The public went from stand to stand and received information about how they fed children. At the same time, judges were there to choose the best presentation and the best use of donated products.

Those responsible for each tent waited and were ready to answer every question of the jury. Some of them were dressed in their traditional clothes along with aprons and caps. I was most struck by the dress of the region of Cusco. Their typical costume was made from recycled packaging.

Comidas a la Vista en Qali Warma (Walter Coraza Morveli)
Comidas a la Vista en Qali Warma (Walter Coraza Morveli)

On the other hand, every province participates in the competition for the best exposition. For this the judges looked carefully at the work of each region and at the same time gave them training to enable them to meet the guarantee that all children receive good nutrition.

The display of the Qali Warma program was very interesting. It is carried out due to the organization of all the provinces and regions of Cusco. In it you will see displays form all of our provinces and nearby regions. Its purpose is to show the work being carried out in each, from gathering food to its preparation. It also included the management of food and the care that should be taken for children and students.


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