Parade of Allegories

Sunday, Cuzco’s plaza was the stage for a parade of humorous and well-realized figures created by the Escuela Superior Autónoma de Bellas Artes “Diego Quispe Tito” of Cusco. Figures of politicians, Black and white cows, vicuñas, condors, hell, insects, toads, a windmill, grocery store, a chichería and more paraded up the Sun Avenue and then around the plaza, each with their following and operators.

While a small few were advertising, the vast majority were parodic and acerbic comments on current politics and social reality. You could hear the laughter as people realized the situation and the comments, such as a figure of the Brazilian Odebrecht handing out dollars, or the horsemen of the apocalypse, Trump, Putin, and Kim Jong Un riding a nuclear missile.

In what follows we present a few photos of the event for you to enjoy. This is one of the important moments of Cusco’s annual celebration of itself.

(Photo Credits: David Knowlton)

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