Musicians and Painters Enliven Cuzco’s Streets

As time goes by there are more and more street artists who perform wherever seem good to them. They do it in the different plazas of the city as well as in the buses that make there way through it every day. Some time ago you only saw children and people from rural areas presenting their art to all who were traveling. Now there seem to be more people practicing their music. Some are singers and sing covers of songs that are popular at the moment, especially cumbia songs.

Today you also seem many people in our streets doing this kind of work. There are not just local people from Cuzco and its surrounding countryside, they are also groups of foreigners who come to the city and perform to earn money to continue their travels.

They will set up any place there are a lot of people passing by. They perform a whole range of instruments including local ones such as the pan pipe and the quena, the notch flute. As they go by, people wills top to listen and observe the magnificent art of the street musicians and give them a couple of coins to show their appreciation.

Musicians are not the only street performers. You can also find artists who draw pictures or make paintings quickly. Anyone who watches how they perform their art would think they are professionals who had studied in the university. But that is not the case. They were born with this talent and to practice it they just had to look, not study. Their kind of art is unique. They only need a few cans of spray paint and in a moment make a beautiful painting

As they years pass by quickly, in the same way people develop lots of talents that they had kept well hidden inside. When needed they convert them into ways of making a living by performing in the street.

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