Free Walking Tour in Cusco: Getting to know the city by Foot

The Free Walking Tour is a guided walking tour to the most important places that are part of our history and culture. The main activity is the tour based on donations, thanks to which visitors from all over the world can gain access to more knowledge of the place that is visited. It is the duty of the managers to provide reliable and true information so that visitors learn a little more about the city, its culture, and tradition and can share this with their own.

Guided free walking tours are designed especially for tourists who travel alone or for small groups to ensure a good and comfortable service. Because there are many tourists who travel in groups of friends and travel to not only one Place but make long trips through different countries and cities. These people often do not have enough money to take big tours of a high cost. They look for these free walking tours that exist worldwide because they are more accessible given your economy.

Free Walking Tour in Cusco (Luis Echagaray)
Free Walking Tour in Cusco (Luis Echagaray)

Some groups of free walking tours have a minimum tip base of S / 10.00 soles (a bit less than 3$). Others do not have a required minimum base because what they care most is to show tourists the wealth of the city and trust in their good will to remunerate the guides.

The city of Cusco has several groups that make the Free Walking Tour. They distinguish themselves from each other with brightly colored pole, thanks to which tourists differentiate them anywhere. Each Free Walking has a different tour route and generally these include the most important places that are within the Historic Center of the City. Within these are the most important attractions of historical value from the Inka and Colonial times. They include:

The main square of Cusco where the most important construction of the Colonial era “The Basilica of the Cathedral of Cusco”; The Aclla Wasi that in the Inka era was the house of the chosen women; the Amaru Cancha or house of the serpent which was the palace of the Inka Wayna Capac where until you can see original inka walls made in Inka imperial technique that was used only in important and ceremonial places; El Qori Cancha or Temple of Sun which was the most important temple of the time inka; The Cusi Court which was the royal house of the most important Inka, Pachacutec; The royal house of Inca Roca. In these two palaces you can observe original Inkaa walls (part of these walls were destroyed in the Colonial period to take the stones to build the churches and Colonial houses). The tours also include the famous stone of the 12 angles on the street Hatun Rumiyoc; the Plaza Nazarenas; the viewpoint of the church of San Cristobal built on the palace of the first Inka, Manco Capac founder of the city of Cusco from which you have a wonderful panoramic visa of this beautiful city.

The Group of Free Walking Tour in Cusco (Luis Echagaray)
The Group of Free Walking Tour in Cusco (Luis Echagaray)

The free walking tours usually leave at different times; in the mornings at 10:00 am and others at 10:30 am, as well as in the afternoon at 3 pm. The duration of these tours varies from 2 to 2 and a half hours depending on the group chosen for the tour. Normally the point of gathering is the water fountain in the great plaza of Cusco, the well-known Plaza de Armas.

At the end of the tour each group has a different destination. Some end up in a restaurant where they are offered a free pisco sour. The restaurants like this so that at some point the tourists may wish to taste a lunch or dinner and come back. Others prefer to end up in the traditional market of San Pedro and others in some craft center.

If you want to learn a little more of the city you visit, you can seek out and join one of the free walking tours in the schedule that best suits you and be part of a wonderful experience on foot.

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