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Cuzco Celebrates its Comadres Today

One week after Cuzco has celebrated its Day of Godfathers (Compadres) it now turns to celebrating the Comadres, the Godmothers. As in Compadres, today you will see life-sized rag dolls made and displayed to represent the comadres. They will be wearing traditional clothes or the clothing of an important person.

You can find and see this custom in any of the traditional neighborhoods of the city, such as San Blas and Santa Ana. The markets of the city, such as San Pedro and Vino Canchón, also celebrate the day. It is a complete fiesta that people live intensely, both those who reside in the city and, because of their open hearts filled with joy, visitors also join in.

Happy Comadres Day
Happy Comadres Day

The day begins with bands of musicians, colored confetti—what we call mistura, streamers and lots of water play.

The comadre is the godmother of a child. The same as the compadre has baptized a child and becomes a kind of second mother to it and has a special relationship of compadrazgo with the child’s parents who she calls compadre and comadre.

The whole family prepares for this day to serve up traditional dishes, although not the puchero o timpu that is normally typical of Carnival. They can be dishes such as baked cuy, stuffed rocoto peppers, or baked fettuccine (tallarín al horno), all according to the likes of the comadres.

What a Beautiful Comadre doll!
What a Beautiful Comadre doll!

On many occasions the comadres also perform processions dancing in their traditional clothes and accompanied by bands of musicians, the colors of Tawantinsuyo (the Inca Empire) in confetti, balloons, colored streamers, as well as what must be there, chicha and other traditional beverages.

There is still a lot of Carnival remaining after the feast of the comadres, since it is almost a warm up to be able to fulling enjoy the main days of this latter feast, with all its splendor of water play, yunza trees, and a wonderful dish of puchero or timpu.

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