Cusco Celebrates The Month of Pachamama

With beautiful ceremonies, the new agricultural year was started. It began at the Apu Mama Simona and Machu Kimón where offerings were made in honor of the Pachamama

In August, Pachamama (the earth mother) is honored to bless agricultural production. At more than 4,200 meters above sea level, the people of Poroy and Ccorca offer on the first day the most unique of their products to performs the Haywarikuy.

  • Offering to the Mother Earth (Photo: Walter Coraza)
  • The Inka Ready for the Offerings (Photo : Walter Coraza)
  • Burning the Offering (Walter Coraza)
  • wine for the mother earth (Walter Coraza)
  • Warriors form Chinchaysuyo (Walter Coraza)
  • offering to the Apus (Walter Coraza)
  • The inka performance During the Ceremony (Walter Coraza)
  • Warriors from the Contisuyo (Walter Coraza)
  • Apu Mama Simona (Walter Coraza)
  • Climbing up the mountain of Mama Simona (Walter Coraza)

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