Create Amazing Memories in Cuzco

The city of Cuzco, ancient capital of the Inca Empire, is a unique city. Its customs, traditions, and a great geographic variety give it a special touch such that today it has become one of the most important tourist destinations of Peru and indeed the world.

Cuzco may well be the most cosmopolitan city of Peru. In it you see the marked presence of Peruvian and international tourists, all besides its local residents who come from all over the region and other parts of Peru. All of these different people get mixed together in the midst of a majestic landscape and the marvelous architecture of the Andes, both Spanish and Inca. The city is modern and global, but it never loses its traditions and Andean roots.

The city of Czsco offers its visitors different options that can be molded to fit the needs and tastes of ever person. Those who simply wish to spend a quiet, relaxing and interesting day can walk around the city, seeing its traditional narrow cobblestoned streets joined with stone walls perfectly put together which gives one the sensation of having traveled in time and space.

Cuzco's Enchanting Colonnades
Cuzco’s Enchanting Colonnades

For those who enjoy being in contact with nature, the city of Cuzco offers various trekking circuits. The most popular, of course, is our flagship tour, the famous Inca Trail which takes you to the wondrous Machu Picchu. This is the most famous and most well conserved section of the thousands of miles of the ancient higways that joined all the Inca Empire into one. It offers tourists some of the most amazing and impressive scenery in Cuzco, along with archeological sites that are only accessibly by this trail.

Nevertheless, there are also other Treking circuits, such as the tour to Salqantay, Choquequirao, Lares, Ausangate, and more.

For those who like pumping adrenaline, Cuzco offers adventure tours, such as canooing and kayaking to challenge the rapids of the Urubamba and Apurimac rivers. You can also try hang gliding, which is a truly unforgettable experience, or mountain biking.

Intriguing Machu Picchu
Intriguing Machu Picchu

Let us not forget that many specialists consider Cuzco as the second city of gastronomy in Peru, following Lima. In our region chefs have created new dishes using local products such as quinoa, the muña herb, broad beans, yuca, and more. Thanks to this our culinary art is a blessing to the palates of all those who decide to visit us and take part in our culture.

The historic capital of Peru, Cuzco offers a lot for you to discover. Beside what we mentioned above there is so much more. Cuzco helps you create unforgettable memories.

Inca Roca Street
Inca Roca Street

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