Confusion of Gold with a Condemned

After the Inca time, the Chasquis still kept their work to carry messages to the towns of different cities. As history tells us, the Chasquis were great athletes, They ran several kilometers from one place to another to carry the messages that the Inca sent.

They did not do it alone; there was a large network of chasquis where they worked as a team. “Las Postas” in the tambos were places of rest where another chasqui awaited to take the post and continue the route.

On the dark road they traveled could be encountered distractions like gold turned into animals or the condenado (a dead person condoned to walk the earth to pay for his sin) who from time to time stalked these places. The story tells that a chasqui was on a route to take a message to one of the cities and when from a distance the city could be seen, he decided to take a short break.

chaski and the cond
chaski and the Condemned

He sat on a stone and began to eat a couple of coca leaves to catch his breath when he suddenly realized that a llama of an unusual size was in front of him. He realized that it was nobody’s and was wild, He thought he could make some profit from this animal, either pulling the wool to shave it or using his meat to eat with his family.

But suddenly it came to mind that it could be gold turned into an animal without thinking twice he got up and went where the animal was, covered him with a blanket he had, and put it on his shoulder.  It had a considerable weight and it was a long way to reach the village.

Every step he took turned into hell and the road went further. He suddenly looked up and it was not what he thought. it was a Q’ara Senca (a bare nose or a skull) a doom that was laughing out loud.  Things were going badly for the man. 

He let go and as he was chewing coca. He ran terrified to the village and then tell what had happened to his friends and family. From that time it is said that we must be careful not to confuse ourselves with gold that has become an animal or condenado become an animal.

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