A Great Ancestral Meeting, The III Hatun Tinkuy

August is one of the most important months for Andean culture, being the month of the “Pachamama”. The municipality of Cusco, hand in hand with the Ministry of Culture, has organized a set of activities in this month in order to make known ancestral knowledge about Andean spirituality.

Within this calendar we have the “III Hatun Tinkuy” which is an ancestral event where different presentations are made on Andean cultural identity and heritage. Hantun tinkuy means a great meeting in Spanish and has been held since the time of the Incas.

This activity will take place in the main hall of Ollantaytambo and Pisaq with the participation of several intellectual and academic speakers. Among these we have the doctor in communication and anthropology Efraín Cáceres, the philosopher Zenón Depaz, among others. In addition, the event will also have the participation of different authorities from Cusco and many peasant associations.

The main purpose of this event is to socialize different communities and combine different ideas for the development of Andean identity and heritage. Among all these issues we have those of identity, culture and spirituality in the education of children in the region, the Andean musical language, singing as an interpretive ancestral universe, etc.

We are in one of the most important months for the Andean culture and from Cusco Eats we invite you to be part of these activities for the month of “Mother Earth”

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