The Temple of the Moon and its Marvels

Cuzco is a small city but a charming one. The city holds many attractions, for tourist and locals. Saqsayhuaman and Koricancha draw large numbers of people, especially tourists who arrive daily. Along with these sites, it is most common people visit Machu Picchu and its nearby town of Aguas Calientes.

The Temple of the Moon, however, is generally only visited by the people who spend more time in the city and by the people of Cuzco. In this marvelous temple, our ancestors, the Incas, made offerings to the moon. On the nights when the moon is full, its light enters directly to the main altar of the temple.

In this temple you can also find the Andean trilogy, the condor (representing the heavens—hanan pacha), the puma (kay pacha or this world), and the serpent (ukhu pacha-the world within). These three animals are carved into the stone, the waka, of the temple.

Andean Trilogy and the Room of the Moon (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
Andean Trilogy and the Room of the Moon (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)

Besides seeing this amazing temple with its finely carved stone and cave, people from Cuzco come here to practice sports. They do boxing, jujitsu, and yoga. People also come to meditate and thereby connect themselves with the sacred space of the temple to receive good energy in order to do a long routine of training. People also do wachuma ceremonies here on the nights of the full moon.

This temple is on the great highway, the Qhapac Ñana that connects Cuzco with the other countries of Andean South America. It was constructed in order to unite all of Tawantinsuyo.


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The Best Place to Practice Sports (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)
The Best Place to Practice Sports (Photo: Walter Coraza Morveli)


This divine temple is not far from Saqsayhuaman. You can climb out of the city along the Qhapac Ñan (it takes about an hour) or you can enter from Qenqo. There, besides the wonders of the ancient temple, you can enjoy nature, breathe fresh air, and feel the flowing water of the stream nearby.

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