Techniques to Hunt Wild Cattle for Bullfights

In the month of August a very important festival, the bullfight, takes place in Ica. For it the inhabitants have to go get wild bulls from the upper part of the community of Cora Cora in Ayacucho.

They form groups of 20 people, who take cows, ropes, and bull whips go to Cora Cora. On arriving there in the afternoon as at 5:00 p.m., they release the cows in an aguajal, watery area where the wild cattle usually go down to drink. They use the cows as bait to catch the bulls.

The next day at dawn the community members, the comuneros, return and indeed, the bulls are with the cows in the aguajal. The people surround them and drive them all to a canyon that is 4 km away, which has a wide entrance like a funnel and that has a very narrow exit, this place is prepared previously by the comuneros.

When all the bulls enter the canyon they close the entrance and the more specialized comuneros begin to rope the bulls and herd them to the exit which is so narrow that the bulls can only go in single file. At the exit of the canyon there is a truck ready for the bulls to go directly into it. One by one they go into the truck. In the middle, it has a long board to which the bulls are tied, one with the to the right and the one that follows him to the left and so on and they go back to Ica to participate in the bullfights.

Each year, days before the festival, the comuneros go to the same aguajal to catch the wild bulls, because they are the best for bullfighting.


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