Students are Celebrated Today in Peru

Happy Students Day (Wayra)

Today, the 23rd of September, Peru celebrates the Day of Students.  This is a very special day for students.  For this day they are front and center and everyone around them will give them congratulations and honor them like no other day.

Already on the day before, schools will celebrate students with small fiestas.  Professors take charge and organize dances for the fiestas.  They are the ones who dance for the students. They also organize outings so that all the students can enjoy a beautiful day in the company of their classmates and teachers with whom they spend the school year.

All schools take this day as a holiday so that the students can celebrate with their loved ones.  On this day they are spoiled.  Their parents have the responsibility of giving to their children who are students what they would like.  Their mothers, particularly, make them their favorite foods for lunch time.

I remember when I was still in school.  When this day would arrive I was always happy I did not have to go to classes and because on a school day our teachers would take us on an outing to the countryside where we could spend the day playing with our mates.  They were my best friends.

Today is when we recognize students in my country for going to classes every day during almost seven months.  They get up early to be in school on time and all their sacrifices will make it possible for them to fulfill their goals.

Happy Day of the Student.


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