Peru Celebrates with Joy Today

¡Felices Fiestas Patrias!

The 28th of July is a celebration for all Peruvians, as well as for visitors to our country. They get influenced by the energy and celebrate along with us our Fiestas Patrias, our Independence Day with much passion. Everything is red and white. As you walk down the streets, our balconies, windows, and doors in the city of both businesses and homes are adorned with red and white in balloons and paper chains. These are the colors of our Peru.

You can feel among people their love for our country. On this day many dress in the team shirt of our Peruvian national soccer tea more they add red and White to their clothes.

Peruvian families also come together at this time to travel. They do internal tourism within our country, taking advantage of our extended holiday.

Night fell yesterday amidst the cold and good feeling of people who were on their way to different parts of the city. Celebration was evident throughout the city. The joy is not just for our national holidays but also because at this time fall the patronal feasts of Santa Ana, San Cristobal, and Santiago. As a result people celebrate sponsorships, cargos, in different parts of the city.

In Cusco, as a result, the 28th of July arrives along with the feast of our important saint San Cristobal. In this feat the spirit of Peruvianism is easily strengthened. Everyone is a Peruvian in the celebrations.

During this feast Cusco also fills with tourists from other parts of our country. Oat the same time in our city foreigners are never missing.

As the day goes on, the celebration continues. At night you will see castles of fireworks and also see the light shows in the night sky. The night of the 28th will be cold. It requires you drink something warm or something that gives you warmth. People drink in the streets and shout out “Viva Peru”, “Long Live Peru”.

It is very common to see people excited and almost ecstatic with pride when they see the flag flying on house doors. Cusco lives deeply this feast. Joy commands along with good energy in the feelings of Peruvians.

This 28th of July all of Peru celebrates, both in our country and abroad. We celebrate with rhythm, flavor, and color.

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