Let’s Celebrate the Day of Peruvian Pisco

Pisco Sour

When someone speaks or my ears hears the word Pisco, various ways to enjoy this delightful liquor come to mind, such as in a Pisco Sour or a Pisco Chilcano. It is so popular that every day should be its day.

Since 1999 the Peruvian Pisco Day is celebrated. The fourth Sunday of the month of July is the one chosen for this joy. In this way pisco joins Peruvian families inside their houses and with their friends that gather for the weekend to celebrate.

Pisco was named as one of our Peruvian products of quality that is only produced on the coast of our country up to 2000 meters above sea level.

Several international awards have been given to this brew. For example, In 2007 Peruvian Pisco won a total of 16 medals in the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, one of the most prestigious in the world. Out of a total of 63 samples of different varieties and brands, it won a Great Medal of Gold, as well as 8 gold medals and 7 silver.

Also, in the 2009 World Concours de Bruxelles, the Peruvian pisco won a total of 15 medals: 4 gold medals (“Pisco Acholado Don Saturnino 2008”, “Pisco Barsol Acholado”, “Pisco Moscatel de Viejo Tonel 2008” and “Viñas Gold Mosto Verde Torontel “) and 11 silver, among other recognitions.

We value this Peruvian product and through it share the riches that our country has. On this, its day, we enjoy together with our families and friends the rich taste of a Peruvian pisco.

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